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About us



Sara Abchir has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry focusing on formulation and human nutrition. She is go-getter, commercial and efficient. She is Madame Product.


Nicolas Delaporte has a doctorate in chemistry and a master’s degree in business management. He is visionary, creative and innovative. He is Mister Strategy


  • Entrepreneurial fiber
  • Chemists
  • Altruits
  • Innovators
  • Close team
  • Solid scientific background to create unique and effective formulas
  • Quebec Brand

Our history

Meditrina’s founders met on the benches of the university. The idea of founding a company has been a very deep desire from the beginning of their meeting. Being both scientists, their common mission is to use scientific progress to help others. Together, they decided to found Meditrina Pharma.

Nowaday, society has nutritional deficiencies due to the reduction of physical effort and the trivialization of refined products. At the same time, modern agriculture is depleted in specific nutrients. (Ex: the tomato from 100 years ago has more nutrients than the tomato from today). Excess of salt, fat and sugar have led to a prevalence of diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and all types of cancer. Fortunately, commercial supplements exist to give your body what he needs.

However, we have found that the dietary supplements offered in pharmacy are not always well adapted for our daily needs. Some of them are very dissociative and only contain one active ingredient like vitamin D, for example. We rapidly identified the problem and the opportunity to offer complete and affordable products considering the active ingredients combined.

Our mission

The mission of the Meditrina Pharma laboratory is to design and market innovative nutritional supplements with unique formulations in Canada and accessible to anyone who wants to regain its well-being and be in good health.

Our vision

  • Become a key actor in natural health products domain (food supplements, cosmetics, oils, meal replacements) in Canada.
  • Travel the world in search of new natural active ingredients from local traditions.
  • Develop new innovative products.
  • Propose new nanotechnologies for medical applications.

Our values

We are committed to providing high quality, complete and price competitive products. Our values constitute the DNA of the company: entrepreneurship, transparency, equality, tolerance, performance, innovation, altruism, environment.

Prizes and distinctions

  • We have been selected to participate to the Sciences-Techno training organized by the ESG UQAM Entrepreneurship Center.
  • Meditrina Pharma won the « Relève Entrepreneuriale » price of My Enterprise competition, 2018 Edition, offered by the Jean Louis Tassé foundation and the ESG UQAM.
  • Montreal Inc. Foundation graciously offers its technical support for 2020.
  • Meditrina Pharma wins the price «Bourse d’Honneur d’Entreprendre Ici», 2020 edition, graciously offered by Ministry of the Economy, and Innovation & Entreprendre Ici.

We talk about us

We were invited to radio as finalists of My Enterprise competition, 2018 Edition organized by ESQ UQAM:

A press article talk about us and My Enterprise competition: